Zach Wentz, an engineering leader in New York City

I build teams and software.

Zach helps teams

People-centric engineering leader with a focus on operational excellence, metrics, and hiring.

Leadership Coaching
Find & Hire Talent
Cross-Functional Communication
Software Architecture
Product Strategy
Project Management

About Zach

Oh curious about me are you? I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I'm just some guy.

I live in NYC with a very patient wife and two pet birds (meaning I have patient neighbors too).

I grew up in Dallas, and spent a few years in SF.

In the past I was very into health, and I'm trying to get back there.

Beyond that, I'm very interested in leftist politics and I like to play games (trivia, video, board, card, you name it).

Zach's Work

History of leading teams to success, notably: the development of the platform that powers the Netflix Studio and the CrossFit Games mobile app.

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11/20 - Present

Good Fika


Hired and managed a cross-functional team of contractors.

Built the GoodFika Android and iOS applications.

Architected the GoodFika back-end.

Mobile Dev
01/19 - 11/20


Senior Manager, Atlas

Managed Product, Engineering, and Design for Bluebeam Atlas.

Team of 22, with 3 Engineering Managers, 1 Product Manager, and 1 Design Manager reporting to me.

Guided development of managers and their teams to deliver a disruptive new product for the AEC industry to market.

Engineering Manager, Atlas

Scaled and productized an MVP application for enterprise customers.

Grew engineering team from 2 founding engineers to a team of 19.

Product Strategy
Software Architecture
09/14 - 09/18


Engineering Manager, Studio Production

Created a new vertical within Netflix, Studio Production Engineering, a now key part of Netflix's strategy.

Grew the team from 3 to 17 by hiring top talent for front-end and back-end positions, including 2 engineering managers.

Developed a JavaScript testing library which became Netflix’s 4th most popular open source repository (PollyJS)

Sr. Software Engineer, Enterprise Platforms

Worked with finance, human resources, marketing, content, and planning teams to solve costly problems unique to Netflix by building custom tooling in Rails and EmberJS that integrate with, or replace, third-party solutions.

Software Architecture